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Premium Tower Bolts
From: "TNI"


We are a manufactures and exporter of Premium Quality Tower Bolts, these tower bolts made from the aluminum body and Steel Rod which increased the durability of the product and lower the weight of the product. Also, these are best in industry mix metal tower bolts for an architecture hardware solution, we are making several designs and by their shape and size we named them accordingly SS Tower Bolt, Round Knob 10MM-12MM, SYLO, ZYLO, FLOWER, CAPSUL, OWEL, ROYAL, BABY LIGHT”


These Premium Tower Bolts have a wide range of sizes starting from 4" to 36", material grade: Aluminum Body and SS Rod, Finishes like  SS, Antique, Etc. 


Premium Tower Bolt Available in Bulk Quantity to be used for Commercial | Government | Private and Domestic Project. Wholesale dealers also to be appointed city-wise district wise and state-wise according to mutual communication with the buyer. Packing details according to their types.


We request you to please check each product's page for full information by clicking on the picture.